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Tour Africa

The desert sands, the Nile, the pyramids, Morocco: these are among one of the sights you can experience with one of our packages designed to tour Africa. Sail down the Nile and stop at the Valley of Kings, Luxor Temple and Aswan Dam. Explore the ruins, buildings and monuments built by pharaohs. Join a Moroccan tour where you can visit the cities of song and stories: Casablanca and Marrakesh.

Your package to tour Africa includes hotel accommodations, some meals, ground transportation between destinations guided sightseeing tours and a tour director that will always be there to answer questions and assist you with your travel needs.

Packages We Offer to Tour Africa

Choose from our packages that allow either guided or unguided tour options. Learn from an expert as he or she guides you on your Africa land tour, or set out on your pace. Some of our packages include:

  • Highlights of Egypt Africa Land Tour- Start in Cairo, fly to Luxor, sail up the Nile. Visit the Valley of Kings, see thousands-of-years-old tombs of kings and Kitchener Island’s lush Botanical Gardens.
  • The Pyramids, Lake Nasser & Nile Highlights Africa Land Tour- Start in the ancient Egyptian Capital of Memphis. Visit the Great Pyramids of Giza, and see their sound and light show that lights up the desert sky at night. This 12-day trip to tour Africa comes with an Egyptologist to guide you through the many tombs, buildings and monuments youÂ’ll visit.
  • Spain, Portugal & Morocco with Barcelona Africa Land Tour- See the best of Spain and Portugal and sail across the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco where you’ll visit cities such as Casablanca and Marrakesh.

We have more packages, to tour Africa. To learn more about your Africa land tour, contact a travel agent.

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